At Chester Basin Animal Hospital, we believe the key to happy, healthy pets revolves around three fundamental principles – prevention, education and treatment.

It’s quite simple… prevention of illness where possible through education, and selection of appropriate treatment where necessary.


Prevention of illness and disease in animals involves a multi-faceted approach which begins with regular examinations and assessments by a veterinarian. Often times, subtle abnormalities that might otherwise have gone unnoticed, can be detected by a veterinarian during a routine preventive care exam. As the old saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This is especially true as it applies to animal health. The cost of treating a disease once it becomes chronic or advanced is often far greater than if that disease could have been prevented, or even detected at an earlier stage. Additionally, prevention and early detection often results in more successful outcomes and longer life, and that is something we all want for our pets.


Prevention can only happen with effective client education in place. At Chester Basin Animal Hospital we dedicate ourselves to communicating effectively with pet owners; providing them with all information necessary to make informed decisions regarding the health of their pets. We encourage pet owners to play an active role in, and take control of their pets health care needs.


Although prevention and education are the pillars of our foundation, we recognize that treatment is often necessary too. We work with pet owners to help them select the treatment plan that best suits their pets needs. From minor scrapes and injuries, through management of a chronic condition, treatment of infectious disease, to surgical intervention. We are here to help.

Our exceptionally skilled team of compassionate individuals are committed to working with pet owners. Through prevention and education, we can provide pet owners with the right choices that allow individualized care and treatment for every pet that comes through our doors.